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The examinations for filling up the vacancies in the cadre of the UP PCS Judicial are held once a year.

The examination process has three segments -- the Prelims, the Mains and finally, the interview. The Prelims are usually held in December.

Athena Coaching Academy offers a 9 month coaching program, commencing in mid January, to help and guide the aspirants to prepare well in all the segments of the vast syllabus.

We admit candidates who have already passed their LLB exams as well as those who are in the final year of the law course.

The pedagogy processes are bilingual but we expect the candidates to have sufficient skills in English language to be able to comprehend the nuances of legal interpretation contained in various court judgments delivered by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and by the Hon’ble High Courts of various states which create the framework for the case laws in the Indian system of jurisprudence. The classroom lectures would always be in a mix of Hindi and English so that those aspirants who can read and understand court judgments recorded in English but can not express themselves well in English would not suffer any inconvenience.

One of the main strengths of our coaching pattern is that there would be minimum three lectures every week for the general paper. We have introduced this provision because a large number of aspirants feel handicapped in coping with this part of the examination process.

The fees for the 10 month coaching is Rs.60,000/-. The aspirants are expected to appear personally for an informal session so that the specific requirements of the aspirants could be clearly ascertained at the outset itself.

The 10 month training schedule will consist of 400 sessions in law related subjects and 200 sessions in the general paper. The normal pattern is to hold classes five days a week with three periods between 3 pm and 7 pm.

A large number of tests will be held regularly and the standard of these tests will be the same as for PCS – J exam itself. The candidates would be expected to study diligently throughout this entire period.

Our faculty members are selected for their expertise in various subjects and their ability to communicate well with the aspirants. Special emphasis is being put on making the aspirants do well in the general paper because that is generally a weak area for many of the aspirants.

Athena Coaching Academy provides a level of training consistent with the dignity and ethos of the judiciary in the country. Atttending this 10 month coaching course would be a well deserved and fully justifiable investment by the aspirants in their own career plans.