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The Provincial Civil Service (PCS) in Uttar Pradesh has a glorious history going back to more than 100 years. Right from the days of the British Raj, PCS officers have been the backbone of the district administration in the then United Provinces, which became Uttar Pradesh in Independent India.

The Jalianwala Bagh Massacre in 1919 in Amritsar,Punjab, when a British Army Brigadier ordered his troops to open fire on unarmed and peaceful protestors, resulting in a large number of deaths and injuries, shocked even the British Parliament. Significant reforms were undertaken, the most prominent of which was that the government forces would not open fire on any crowd without specific approval of a magistrate. This was the beginning of the important roles that magistrates have come to play in the last 100 years in managing difficult law and order situations in the districts.

Till about 50 years ago the magistrates performed both executive and judicial functions at the district level. With the creation of a separate cadre of PCS (Judicial), the orientation of PCS (Executive) was gradually re-oriented to become catlysts of development programs, with special emphasis on rural development. Along with this, the PCS officers were given increasingly higher responsibilities in managing municipal administration of all the large cities and thereby to get more involved in urban development.

All these changes brought about in the last few decades have made the UP PCS one of the most sought after services in the state government. That is why a very large number of engineers and doctors also seek to join PCS.

Every district is divided into several tehsils or sub- divisions. The PCS officers are initially placed in charge of these Tehsils as sub divisonal magistrates (SDM) and are made responsible for ensuring proper law and order as well as development work in their respective jurisdictions. As they grow in seniority and experience, they are posted as city magistrates in very large cities and thereafter as Additional District Magistrates (ADMs) in the districts handling administration, budget, planning etc. In parallel, they are also posted as municipal commissioners in various municipal corporations where they deal with the intricacies of urban development. As they rise up to occupy senior positions in the state government, including in the state secretariat, they get gradually empanelled for promotion to the Indian Administrative service after about two decades of servive in the PCS.

At Athena Coaching Academy, very detailed and comprehensive coaching is provided to the aspirants for the annual PCS exams conducted by the UPPSC which has decided recently to follow the civil service exam pattern of UPSC.

On an average, more than three lakh aspirants register for this exam each year. It is reasonable to expect that the aspirants would join up for any coaching only at their personal convenience, taking into account the financial aspects and the time that any of them can devote to preparing for the examination. Therefore, the most unique and aspirant friendly feature of our Best PCS Coaching in Lucknow is that we provide customized individual coaching for the first one month enabling the aspirant to settle down to a road map meant exclusively for him/her.

The lectures for PCS exam coaching would generally be held in the afternoon and early evening so that the same do not clash with the academic or work related commitments of the aspirants to the extent possible.

The fees for coaching for PCS Coaching in Lucknow (Prelims) 2019 is Rs.40,000/-, payable in instalments after an initial payment of Rs.16,000/- as registration fees at the time of joining. The exact details of rebates to be offered for joining in groups and/or for payment of fees fully in advance would always be available through regular updates on our facebook page “ Athena PCS Coaching in Lucknow ”.