IBPS & SBI P.O. Entrance Exam

The Indian banking sector has shown phenomenal growth in terms of volumes in the last two decades.

This can be guaged from the fact that in the last 8 years, the total value of banking assets has gone up from US$1.3Trillion in 2010 to US$2.1Trillion, which is equal in size to India's GDP !!

The assets of the public sector banks in India constitute 70% of all assets of its entire banking sector. This has been the position in the last two decades and, therefore, the public sector banks will continue to remain the principal agents of growth and development in India.

IBPS & SBI P.O. Entrance Exam

By their very intrinsic nature, the banking operations in India are officer oriented because speed of transactions is a key element of working in any bank branch. The banking processes are so designed that executive discretion in verifying the documents speedily is always at play. The ‘span of control’ is, therefore, always kept low. An ‘officer’ in a bank is one who is allowed to take any decision about a ‘negotiable instrument’ which is a document of financial value.

Another unique feature of the banking sector in India is the large proportion of lady employees both at the executive and clerical level, as evident from the details given below:

Total number of executives in Public Sector Banks as on 31st March 2017 :

Male executives : 2,93,059
Lady executives : 85,724
Total : 3,78,783

Total number of clerical cadre staff in these banks as on 31st March 2017 :

Male staff : 2,19,687
Lady staff : 1,01,657
Total : 3,21,362

This is because the banks offer a work profile which enables the employees to maintain a very stable work-life balance, apart from uninterrupted leave for meeting personal obligations over the weekends.

IBPS is the institution created through the combined efforts of a large number of public sector banks to standardize recruitment processes both at the executive and the staff recruitment level. However, the State Bank of India, the largest bank in India, holds its own independent recruitment both at executive and staff level.

Both IBPS and SBI hold their recruitment of executives – called Probationary Officers -- through a three tier examination process. This consists of a Preliminary examination, a Mains examination and then, an interview.

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