Common Admission Test (CAT)

"The Best And The Brightest"

The Common Admission Test (CAT ) is an online exam held towards the end of each calendar year for admission to the Indian Institutes of Management.

It is one of the most competitive exams of its type held anywhere in the world. In 2018, more than 2,31,000 aspirants – the and the brightest in India – appeared for this exam with overall not more than 5,000 seats on offer from all functioning IIMs put together.

This exam is open for all graduates in any discipline from any bonafide, recognised university. The minimum graduation level pass mark as an eligibility criteria is 50% for the unreserved category and 45% for all various reserved categories.

The pattern of examination keeps on changing. The examination is conducted by various established IIMs by rotation. For example in 2017, it was conducted by IIM Lucknow and in 2018 by IIM Kolkata.

Common Admission Test (CAT)

The examination is held in the subjects mentioned below :

  • Quantitative Ability (QA)
  • Data Interpretation & Logical reasoning (DILR)
  • Verbal & Reading Comprehension (VARC)

The aspirants who are successful in their attempt would be eligible for admission to any of the 20 Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) for a two year course for award of Post graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), which is equal to the degree of Master in Business Administration (MBA).

The IIMs are autonomous institutions and carry the legal status of ‘Societies’ under the Indian Societies registration Act. They have complete freedom to manage their day today affairs within the framework of the guidelines given by the IIM Council, headed by the Union Minister for Human resource development, and having directors of all IIMs as members.

Not all out of the 20 IIMs have become fully functional as yet. As many as 7 out of these 20 IIMs were sanctioned only in 2015-16 and are yet to become fully functional. The first 13 IIMs are already well established as can be seen from the table given below :


(i) IIM Kolkata 1961

(ii) IIM Ahmedabad 1961

(iii) IIM Bangalore 1973

(iv) IIM Lucknow 1984

(v) IIM Kozhikode 1996

(vi) IIM Indore 1996


(vii) IIM Shillong 2007

(viii) IIM Rohtak 2010

(ix) IIM Ranchi 2010

(x) IIM Raipur 2010

(xi) IIM Trichy 2011

(xii) IIM Kashipur 2011

(xiii) IIM Udaipur 2011


(xiv) IIM Nagpur 2015

(xv) IIM Vizag 2015

(xvi) IIM Bodhgaya 2015

(xvii) IIM Amritsar 2015

(xviii) IIM Sirmaur 2015

(xix) IIM Sambalpur 2015

(xx) IIM Jammu 2016

The IIM students are definitely at a significant advantage in so far as career progression is concerned. The IIMs command respect from the corporate sector and starting pay packages of up to Rs.22.0 lakh in the domestic environment have been fairly commonplace in the calendar year 2018.

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There would be three periods every day with sessions being planned out in advance for each month. For the convenience of college going students, the first session would start at 4 pm and classes for the day would end at 7:30 pm.

We are aware of the tall promises made by various other institutions in terms of the kind of coaching that they provide for CAT aspirants. Our offer is based on the simple fact that aspirants for any tough career defining exam come with totally diverse skill sets and varying academic backgrounds. Therefore, we always try to customize the coaching program to meet specific individual needs. Our forte is meticulous personal attention being paid to each individual aspirant. We believe very strongly that coaching being given in large batches is self defeating and dilutes the quality of attention that a majority of the aspirants seek to clear their doubts and strengthen their understanding of the underlying concepts for each segment of the syllabus.

Our fees for the 6 month program is Rs.30,000/- payable in two instalments of Rs.15,000/- each. The first instalment is to be paid at the time of registration for joining and the second instalment is to be paid after completion of 2 months of coaching. However, a rebate of Rs.5,000/- is offered for the entire fees being paid in advance as also for any three candidates registering together for the coaching program.

Athena Coaching Academy welcomes serious aspirants for CAT 2019 to its personally customized coaching since it is an investment by them in their own future from which they would reap rich dividends.

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