English Learning Programs

Athena Coaching Academy offers a large range of English learning programs to suit the requirements of aspirants in every age group.

The most common problem faced by a majority of aspirants is that while they are able to read and comprehend texts in English language, they are not able to converse fluently in that language. This explains the demand for courses to master "Spoken English" !!

It has to be appreciated that one cannot speak English fluently without first acquiring the ability to think in English. It is this factor which is never highlighted by all those coaching centres which claim to run courses in "Spoken English".

English Learning Programs

We do not have any magic solutions. All that we do is to follow the very conservative and time tested method of making the aspirants read a very large number of books & magazines carefully selected by us. We provide the reading program and build upon this arrangement the confidence levels of the aspirants.

We guide the aspirants to understand the different kinds of writing styles suited to contemporary needs of the professionals and the students. We start first with reading exercises, then come to teaching writing skills and thereby make the aspirants gradually start thinking in English.

The time taken by aspirants to reach a level of proficiency whereby she starts thinking in English would vary from person to person depending on the level of exposure that the aspirant has had in her formative years. Therefore, we leave it to the good judgment of the aspirant herself to decide as to how long she would need to reach the desired levels.

Reading of any reputed English language newspaper on a sustained and daily basis and discussing various current news items in the class room as theme discussion items is an essential requirement without which no progress can be made. Nothing is more useful than this habit for building up the semantic knowledge and the vocabulary levels of the aspirants.

We offer three different levels of English learning programs :

  • National Exam Level : at this level, the emphasis is on the pattern of questions asked in exams like IBPS, SSC CGL, CTET etc. where grammar structures and comprehension skills are to be acquired in accordance with well documented and clearly defined standards.
  • The fees for this program would be Rs.6,000/- for a period of three months from the date of registration, with classes to be held 5 days a week.

  • Personality Development Level : at this level the emphasis would be on teaching not merely English language but all the skills of guiding the aspirants in the nuances of life style usage of the English language in those domains where extensive use of Queen’s English is a default mode practice. This would include teaching of social graces which are common to westernized societies. The level of English usage would be corresponding to that in use by senior civil servants, top rank corporate executives etc. This program is intended to transform the personality of the aspirant to meet the very exacting standards of the professional life in the business world.
  • The fees for this program would be Rs.5,000/- per month for about 22 sessions each month. The training would be on 1:1 mode or in small but fully compatible tutorial groups.

  • Study/Work Abroad Level : Athena Coaching Academy provides coaching on a fully personalized basis in IELTS/TOEFL/PTE for students as well as professionals seeking to go abroad.

The aspirants seeking to go to Commonwealth countries, e.g. Britain, Australia, New Zealand or Canada need to attain high grades in IELTS.Those seeking to go to USA or Europe would need to get similar high grades in TOEFL or PTE.

This type of training is given on 1:1 basis only and we accept only those candidates who have a good working knowledge of English language. The fees for this course is Rs.15,000/- for 50 sessions spread over a period of three calendar months.

There is a special program for medical professionals like doctors, nurses, para medical staff and medical technicians seeking to go to the Middle East countries for which passing of Occupational English Test (OET) is mandatory. The fees for this is Rs.4,000/- per month, with registration fee being Rs.8,000/-. The aspirants have full freedom to go on improving their skills for as long as they like till they reach the desired levels of proficiency to pass the OET.

Athena Coaching Academy provides high standards of teaching to suit individual requirements of each candidate and provides full value for money.The biggest advantage is that the aspirants can join the coaching at any time as per their own convenience and continue as long as they like.

Joining the English language course at Athena Coaching Academy is an investment in your own future because of the transformative nature of the coaching provided here.

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